Monday, June 30, 2008

Citywide real estate open house being planned

excerpted from Barnesville Record-Review, 6-30-08

As part of its continuing focus on residential development, the Barnesville Economic Development Authority (EDA) will be sponsoring a citywide real estate open house Sunday, July 13, from 1-4:30- p.m. in conjunction with the Clay County Fair. Organizers hope every home in the area on the market will be open during that time, including "for sale by owner" homes.

To promote the event, the EDA is planning an aggressive advertsing campaign in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Maps showing the location, description and price of each of the open houses will be distributed free at local merchants.

In the past, the citywide real estate open house has been well attended and has resulted in the sales of several homes each year the event was held.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

College gives students an inside look at manufacturing and transportation careers

excerpted from Alexandria Echo Press, 6-6-08

Alexandria Technical College and area businesses recently hosted tours for high school students from throughout the region.

About 400 students toured 10 area businesses and the college to learn more about manufacturing and transportation careers. Students were able to visit with instructors and students in the manufacturing and transportation divisions of the school.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Employers survive by being flexible

excerpted from New York Mills Herald, 6-5-08

Recent research from the University of Minnesota and other land grant universities across the U.S. has found that salary is not what is most valued by low-income, rural women when they are looking for jobs. Instead, they want a job that is flexible with their time schedules, and understanding with issues of transportation and childcare.

By increasing flexibility in the workplace, employers would be able to attract and retain more workers. Decreasing turnover means that employees have more time to learn the skills necessary to become proficient. Increasing felxibility can be as easy as allowing job sharaing, flex-time, part-time employment or home-based employment.

Read entire research brief.

For more information about the Rural Families Speak project visit the U of M Rural Families website at

New Horizons to build 'mega' fertilizer plant in Herman

excerpted from Chokio Review, 6-5-08

After a year and a half of conversation and negotiations, New Horizons has broke ground on a new 'mega' fertilizer plant on the outskirts of Herman, Minn. Construction on the 57-acre site should begin soon, and is expected to be completed by this fall. According to New Horizons general manager Jerry Kramer, the plant will hold 31,000 tons of fertilizer and use the existing railroad tacke that the company uses for loading unit trains.

"This new project will be a win for patrons of New Horizons Ag Services, the city of Herman, and Grant County as well," Kramer said.

"There will be eight new or retained jobs here in town and the plant will increase the city's market valude by 10 to 12 percent," said Dan Ellison, Herman EDA member. "Using the multiplier [the total economic impact when the same dollars get passed back and forth among businesses], about @1.2 million will go into the community."

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