Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New wastewater technology could help clean up lakes

excerpted from Detroit Lakes Tribune, May 24, 2009

SJE-Rhombus, Detroit Lakes, has a new treatement system that could be the next great thing for the health of Minnesota Lakes. The compact system takes wastewater and turns it into water nearly clean enough to drink.

The new system uses a form of ceramic filters that provides microfiltration down to .2 microns (about 1,000 times smaller than a human hair). It also requires a much smaller space--about 200 square feet compared to about 4,000 square feet needed to handle 10,000 gallons a day under old technology. The filters also last about 20 years, three to four times longer than conventional filters.

The new technology has implications for water-scarce parts of the world, in that it would essentially allow water to be continually reused.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Minnesota manufactureres buoyed by new state investment in Growth Acceleration Program

Enterprise Minnesota’s highly popular Growth Acceleration Program (GAP) received a significant shot in the arm this week when Governor Tim Pawlenty signed into law the legislature’s appropriation of $1 million for the program.

GAP is a matching grant that enables small manufacturers to access business improvement services. First funded in 2007 with one-time funding of $750,000, GAP has since helped more than 80 Minnesota manufacturers realize a $15 return for every $1 spent by GAP. Some companies realized as much as a $40 to $1 return on GAP.
"Clearly this is a program that works,” said Bob Kill, president & CEO of Enterprise Minnesota. “The outcome of this action will be job security at a time when Minnesotans need it. GAP is a tremendous resource for the Minnesota communities and employees that depend on the economic security that these manufacturers provide.”

“At a time when the state has limited resources, we try to focus on programs that can demonstrate effects that create jobs,” said Minnesota State Senator Kathy Saltzman (Woodbury). “GAP is an excellent example of what seems like a small investment producing huge results.”

The newly funded GAP program includes a three-to-one match for companies with fewer than 50 employees, a one-to-one match for those with 50 to 100 employees, and a one-to-three match for companies with more than 100 but fewer than 250 employees.

Learn more about the Growth Acceleration Program.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

MN communities encouraged to apply as "Shovel Ready" site

DEED is encouraging Minnesota communities to apply for the state's new Shovel Ready Site Certification Program to facilitate the attraction of new business and industry.

The new program makes the site-selection process easier, faster and more predictable for companies looking to grow in Minnesota, said DEED Commissioner Dan McElroy.

The term "shovel ready" refers to commercial and industrial sites that have had all of the planning, zoning, surveys, title work, environmental studies, soils analysis and public infrastructure engineering completed prior to offering the site for sale.

Learn more about the Shovel Ready Site Certification Program.

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