Thursday, July 10, 2008

Outlook for small-scale power looks good

excerpted from Morris Sun Tribune-News, and Wst Central Tribune, July 2, 2008

The potential to hook up small-scale wind and renewable energy projects on the electrical distribution system within Minnesota may be even better thatn a recent state study suggests.

The first phase of the dispersed renewable generation study for the Department of Commerce required identifying where 600 megawatts of electricity could be added to the low-voltage distribution system at no additional cost. The study found that 393 substations (out of 2,253 in the state) could handle additional electrical loads.

The study has already generated lots of interest by proponents of community-based power projects in the state. It offers them an opportunity to put their power on the grid without large expenses associated with adding power to the high-voltage transmission system. It also avoid the time consuming and costly process of obtaining authorization from the Midwest Independent System Operator.

The Department of Commerce is now identifying another 600 megawatts of power as part of the study's second phase.

Learn more and read the study.

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