Sunday, November 16, 2008

Changes to JOBZ program aimed at improving oversight

Minnesota DEED has announced changes that officials say will improve oversight of the Job Opportunity Building Zone (JOBZ) program.

The changes include:
  • All new JOBZ applications will be reviewed by DEED officials. A new application have been developed for use by local governments and/or subzone administrators.
  • A new evaluation process has been developed to determine if a proposed project is eligible for the JOBZ tax benefits.
  • A new mandatory Business Subsidy Agreement (BSA) template is available. 
  • Businesses that are new to JOBZ will be required to report on the number of jobs created and wages paid two years after their program anniversary date.
  • Businesses that are relocating their operations into a JOBZ site must report on jobs and wages one year after they begin operations.
  • A business that meets most but not all of the goals of its BSA can remain in the program if DEED, the local government and the business agree on a new set of goals.
For more information on the registration guidelines, plus a JOBZ application and a helpful JOBZ tax benefit calculator, visit the JOBZ Web site.

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